Hey folks, or should I say football freaks, just two weeks to go, UEFA Euro is back again bringing all the excitement, all the thrill,  and all those nail biting moments right again!

This year we will experience UEFA Euro’16, 15th Edition of UEFA Euro Championship with the same excitement and football fever from every nook and corner of the world.  This year, Euro League promises the best venue for football, and which location across the world can be more enthusiastic, more thrilled other than France? However, the Euro league this time will have 24 teams defending the cup with all their efforts and best of best performances. The UEFA Euro tournament has its unique fame, and is enjoyed by not only the people of the team nations, but also by those who are unfortunate to not see their country’s team in the League.


Previous time, the tournament was won none other than Spain, who were successful beating Italy, knocking it with a flat score of 4 against 0. And its 4 years until then, the biggest sports entertainment leaves its fans with all the enthusiasm and feeling of excitement in all possible ways. With 24 teams, unlike 16 teams since 1996, the competition that for the ultimate trophy and the Champions title is increased. With more competition, more is the chase, more are the skills, and more is the fun.

The qualifying rounds were been played since September 2014, and there were about 53 teams chasing up for 23 teams that were to shortlisted with the final team being France, as hosts. A total of 8 groups were formed, with 6 teams each along with 1 group of 5 teams. The top three teams in each group, after the qualifiers, that includes the group winners, runner-ups and third placed teams, made it to the final tournament which begins 10th of this June. There are many teams who missed an opportunity of playing in final tournament, but qualified this year, and vice versa. It was a major come-back in the league, as Hungary made it this time to qualify for final 24 teams after 44 long years. FIFA World Champions Germany, have qualified 12th time in the main game.

Many teams like England, Spain have qualified again like many years, and some teams like Austria, Romania have made it this time who failed to appear in 2012. It was a big clash between few teams among participating 53, for qualifying in the main game thus forming fantastic 24.


The teams begin their hunt for trophy on 10th June, across ten host cities in France among which are Paris, Marseille, Nice, Lyon etc. Whatever may be the time, football has been a game that resides in many hearts across the world and hence there will be big magical spell of football fever across the world, live from France. Hence, KEEP CALM, as Euro 2016 live is here and no far to light a fire of soccer rage in our hearts.

2 Weeks To Go: Euro 2016 Live

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