People have always tried to redefine tourism, to find new ways to travel. There was a time when a few selected tour packages to a handful of popular destinations was all the choice most people out there had. But this is changing really fast. Today, more and more tourists are trying to break the norm, be more independent than the tour packages allow them to be. And with the tour package guiding their every move, this was bound to happen someday. Not everyone likes to be bounded by an itinerary that some random personnel created, on the prostrating themselves as the stalwarts of the tourism industry.


With modern tourism, comes a feeling of being freer than ever before. A vast majority of tourists now tend to create their own itinerary and plan every aspect of their trips. Also a lot of individuals now prefer travelling by road in rented cars. Car rentals give them yet more freedom to go anywhere they like, anytime they want without the dependence on the transport systems. Also, tourists are breaking the usual pattern of touring a few popular developed countries. Today, many of the so called popular destinations include places that never hit the lists a few decades ago.

For instance, rather than taking a tour package to Madagascar, people now prefer to rent cars and travel different places at their own pace. If it was a few decades ago, there would be a few issues. Where to rent that car? But its no longer an issue. It’s not that car rentals is a new concept. But earlier, not many people actually had any contact with the car renting firms. But with the information freely available on the internet today, every kind of booking is possible, before even reaching the destination. So the question où louer un véhicule à Madagascar? no longer pertains. Car rental firms have their presence known to the potential tourists through the internet.

Just like you can book a car suitable for your needs and get to choose the model and more, you can book in advance for most of the touring activities nowadays. Be it hotel rooms, dining reservations, tickets for different places or even the adventure sports, everything can be planned and booked beforehand. Tourism industry has soared with the coming of all things internet. Maps, bookings, travel guides, reviews and recommendations, you name it and the internet has it.


Earlier, the dependence on tour packages was simply due to unavailability of information. The tour companies had the information, which made them the only viable option. But with the changing trends in tourism, these companies are changing too. More companies are integrating tour plans that give complete freedom to decide on the places to visit, time to spend and activities to do, to the tourists instead of a fixed itinerary. Tour packages now provide specialized tour guides that help their guests in discovering places and activities that suit their needs and wants, instead of following the ‘one size fits all’ policy.

The Changing Tourism Industry – Car Rentals And More

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