Pompadours were firstly famously known as the women’s hairstyle, which was later brought in the market for men by none other than Elvis Presley. Pompadour Fade hairstyle has become quite a famous hairstyle after film stars and footballers have showcased this haircut on T.V. This crazy hair-do calls for a barber’s experienced hands in terms of hair cutting. This may look easy, but this haircut takes longer time to be done perfectly. Only a barber, who has dedicated his career to barbering, can master this skill because it is not to be mistaken for a haircut that can be mastered easily.

Here are some other hairstyles which have become as popular as the Pompadour Fade and are quite similar in some ways:


Scissor Cut: The most famous person to ace this haircut is David Beckham. It is no surprise, because when it comes to pulling off any haircut, Beckham is the name. For this haircut, barbers do not use a razor, but go after the old ways of using scissor, and hence, the name.

Classic Regular Fade: Even after the inception of so many variants of fade hairstyles, it is astonishing how this style has stood through the test of time. Much like the pompadour, this hairstyle does not have a defined margin cut at the top but continues fading down.

Disconnected Fade: This haircut has a pompadour, but instead of the fade, it is disconnected in the middle. Hair disappears from the disconnection. It is popular amongst those who like it different. You either love it or hate it entirely- there’s no in-between.


Mid-Tier Fade: Here, the hair fades, but from the middle. Instead of the hair having a margin at the top, hair is separated from the fade from the middle. Doing so has the purpose of creating more of contrast and lesser impact on fading.

Top 4 Pompadour Fade Hairstyle Inspirations

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