Ever since February 14 thee, 2005 youtube has gone nowhere but up in terms of the number of users. To date, youtube is the largest online social media site that people prefer. If you are wondering what happened on February 14th, 2005 well, it was the birthday of youtube. As the popularity increased so did the pitential for the marketing campaign on the website increase. The demand was so high that youtub insisted that ads be placed within the videos sent in by its own users. The response was amazing. People did not seem to notice since they were scrolling down anyway. Users who wished to see the ads may view them and pass; and the ones that did not want the ad just scrolled down. It seemed like a fool proof plan; and it was. People underestimated the power, ads would possess in social media sites since pretty much every middle class family has a social media account. Now we are here to talk about how to improve your marketing skills, so lets jump into that.

Marketing tips

There are several parameters that people tend to utilize in order to achieve maximum number of views. The current trend is that anything funny and obnoxious will reach 500,000 if it is hilarious. But for people that want to portray something meaningful and that which will help others you will need to showcase it in an interesting way. Here are some tricks and tips that you can use to get maximum views. Firstly, you have make the video compelling to a broad audience. Since not all of us have a singing cat or a dancing panda we have to make the video compelling to the core audience and a little something to entice others.


Like your video could engage in some background music to help sooth the video. The core audience always needs to be on your mind when you make this video. You should also validate your video by getting expert opinions and user comments. Secondly, your video needs to be easily accessible to the viewer. The name ot title of the video needs to be accurate enough such that anyone even remotely looking for your kind of video, must receive your video as one of the top five. In this way you video will be viewed by over 90% of you core audience. Also the description that you enter below the video also makes viewers understand you Passion for the video and the topic. Make sure that the description is appealing and conveys everything about the idea that you would like to share with the audience. Thirdly, it is always better to brand your youtube channel. It does not have to be a grand name but a name that people can refer to when they want to view your videos. It massively increases the usability and helps viewers to associate to the youtube channel easier.


Now there happens to be a website that does all of the steps above and more for a certain fee. This website is called socialviralworld.com. The site takes care of all necessities for you video to gain popularity. They are currently the leading in their market have done well for themselves in the past five years. They guarantee an increase in your social authority and they offer the cheapest and most affordable youtube views in the world wide web. They have the plans on the website but I shall give you the short version. For views their offer is $2.5 for 1000 views; $4 for 100 likes; and $20 for 100 comments. Seems reasonable, yes.

This website allows you to boost your video views so more people will be interested in watching what you have to present. As of now they have over 3000 dedicated customers and counting. The website does false advertising yes but, it allows the user to boost the time required to make the video viral. If you happen to send the video out on its own it might take years for it to become viral. With websites like socialviralworld.com it is possible to make it viral in just round 4-5 months. They even have the option where you can view the progress. There is a real time performance monitoring page that shows the growth the user has had in the time period allotted. This way it is easy to keep track of the views, comments and likes. Its basically a page that makes everyone happy when they do well.  This organization has a great reputation and has helped a lot of people to achieve their dreams through online marketing. They have made feeble dreams seem true through the use of her common sense and some sensible spending. Overall socialviralworld.com is definitely the go to website if you wish to get popular and famous.



It is fit to say that the possibility of your video getting viral is a 1000 to 1. But when that odd is in your favor you will bask in its glory. The effort is all that really matters. The effort you put in to the content of the video, it’s editing and it’s structure will decide if the video will be popular or not. Always ask the viewers to subscribe for more since, after subscription they will receive notifications every time you upload another video. This leaves a section of dedicated viewers and always room for more. Youtube is not the only social platform that addresses marketing. Facebook, twitter are all social media platform through which people can achieve popularity. To achieve maximum exposure you will need to apply in all of them. And my word of advice is even if the video seems bad it never hurts to upload it, unless the video is morally wrong. Remember there is no such thing as bad publicity. Its only matters how you are determined to play your part and make yourself successful. Embrace your qualities and seek professional help if necessary.

Youtube Marketing: Basics, Tricks And Tips

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