Why do blogs and websites come and go so quickly?

Toronto Seo Company suggest that blogs are usually started by one person, which means that the blog’s future relies on one person. Therefore, a large number of possibilities may arise as to why blogs disappear as quickly as they appear:

Corporate sponsored blogs exists in order to sell items of raise the SEO value of another website through linking to it. They are often planned by people who have no idea about planning, and are often poorly targeted. These are just a few reasons why these types of blogs never gain a permanent audience. There is also little motivation for a reader to follow a corporate blog on a regular basis.


Experienced webmasters would never make the mistake of using the same Title Tag on more than one page. But it is seen around the web, and you need to be aware of this mistake if you are new. Of course this is something that will not sit very well in some aspects with Google. The danger here is you may be judged as having Internal duplicate content. If you place the same title tag on more than one page, then unless it’s a mistake you are doing it for a reason. The two pages will be about the same topic and there is the possibility of incurring a penalty. So always remember that every page must have a unique title tag.

On Page SEO techniques:

There are authority sites that are very well known and they do not always practice good Google Panda and SEO principles. In this case, these sites will be very well organized and crafted, but they have very little copy on the pages. Some have way less than 400 words but otherwise the page looks great. This is in direct conflict with what Google Panda is all about which is eliminating poor quality sites. The reason many of these pages are still ranked well is that they ranked well a long time ago. Probably Google does not immediately deem them to be a high priority target.

  • Catchy headlines are the first thing that your audience will see, and the more intriguing you can make it, the more clickable it will be.
  • Creating a permanent audience for your blog is an incredibly difficult task. The only way it can be done is to tie it to something. This article will explain how to “tie” your blog, but first let us examine the word “permanent.”


Failing to specify the Alt tag for an image will not get you a penalty from Google but it is poor SEO practice. Some IM marketers try to game a little by stuffing the Alt tag with keywords. That is just a very bad idea and it will cost you to some extent and how much is unknown. But it will be seen as keyword stuffing, and you should know by now that keyword stuffing is a no-no. So just add a very short description in the Alt tag and then the search engine bots will be able to identify and know what that image is all about.

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