Considered as a chronic brain disease, Drug addiction causes excessive use and consumption of drugs which can lead to change in structure and functioning of the brain. According to the 2015 World Drug Report published by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), about 246 million people in the world are dependent on drugs. Drug addiction has its severe consequences on the user, the physical ones being organ damage, hormonal imbalance, cancer, prenatal and fertility issues, HIV/AIDS. Depression, memory loss, mood swings, change in relationships between family and friends, loss of job are the prolonged effects of excessive consumption of drugs.

But, do we have any end to this deadly addiction? The answer is YES! Rehabilitation centers help in the treatment of drug addicts and minimize their drug consumption thus, helping them to re-enter in the society as a civilized and well-functioning citizen.

Let’s have a look on Orange County Rehab


Orange County is a country in California with a population of about 3,010,232. The country is famous for the various rehabilitation centers it has. Some of them are: Orange County Recovery, Community Rehab, Just One Recovery, etc. Below is the review of one of the best Orange County Rehab wiz Orange County Recovery.

Established in 2002 on the Huntington Beach by Steve and Amber Knight, Orange County Recovery (OCR) has been working in the sphere of providing its patients with tried and tested therapies and treatments that help them in overcoming their addiction. With 14 years of experience, this Rehab center understands the need and condition of different patients.

Each patient undergoes an Admission Process in which the mental and physical damage caused by drug and/or alcohol is analyzed. The admission process defines the level of treatment and care which is to be given to each patient. Orange County Recovery considers drug and alcohol addiction as a three- fold disease: an allergy of the body, obsession of mind and a spiritual malady. It focuses on providing relief from these ailments through:

  • Individualized and Group Counseling
  • Drug and Alcohol Addiction  Education
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing
  • Group and Art therapy
  • Individual Therapy: Trauma, PTSD, EMDR
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Medication Management
  • Relapse and Prelapse Prevention Education
  • Spiritual Healing Education
  • Nutrition and Fitness Education
  • Family Services

Orange County Recovery has become a trusted name in California for providing world-class treatment to drug-addicts living in and out of the country. It also helps the patients by supporting them in any legal matter that arises out of their addiction. With its experienced staff members and qualified counsellors, this rehab center facilitates the patients with a friendly atmosphere for their quick and easy recovery from drug and alcoholic addiction. Thus, protecting a number of people from the deadly monster of “DRUG” and helping them live a normal and happy life again.

Drug Rehabilitation Center: An Overview Of Orange County Recovery

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