E-commerce is the most popular, and by far the easiest method to make different products reachable to everyone in the whole world. The hottest e-commerce right now is online shopping. Suppose, you want to buy a dress worn by Kate Middleton or by Selena Gomez, where do you get it? Online of course. You want to buy some furniture or laptops, bags you name it, you can get everything online.  Ease of access. That’s what makes E-commerce powerful.

Naturally the competition in this sector is pretty intense.

Now, how to attract more customers??

  • First of all, focus on your ecommerce website design. Like I said, ease of access is a must. If the customers find it difficult to navigate, they will immediately lose interest. So design it in such a way that gets them where they want to go easily.


  • Second, the customers should gravitate towards your website. How? Glad you asked. The moment they open your website, you must display your merchandise immediately and in an attractive manner. Suppose you want to display furniture, there should be a description of it below the picture. What it’s made of, the set, the price. And it helps if the website is pleasing to the eye.
  • For example take a look at the website. It has a beautiful layout which allows great navigation and gives out the information about the merchandise while displaying it. This is a great way to tempt customers.


  • Keep track of which items are available and which are limited and which are out of stock.

This is a very important ritual that is a must. The customer will be mighty displeased if he paid for a product that is out of stock. Plus going through the process of reimbursement is a pain to everyone involved.

  • Don’t ever make the checkout process a long and complex one.

This is the golden rule guys. Even though you have a well-designed, eye ball grabbing website, it will crash and burn if the customers are scared away by the purchase process. Keep it simple and straightforward. Explain the shipping cost etcin detail at the very beginning to avoid shocking them at the end.

  • Many customers look for a particular kind of product or brand. It would be effective if the products are sorted under particular brand and type. This would help in quicker searching and ordering of product.
  • Make sure the search bar is accessible to the customers as long as they are in the website. This makes it easier for them to search for products, because it’s slightly irritating to keep pressing the back button. (Don’t you agree?)
  • It is good practice to create a cart or a bookmarkerwhich contains all the customers favorite picks. This makes it easier for the customer to review his choices. And tempt them to bookmark everything they like.
  • Options, options and options!!People have different tastes so provide them with various options. For example i see a lovely dress but I am not really feeling the color, I would be happy if I was provided a range of colors or sizes to choose from.It would be a plus to actually see the dress in my chosen color.
  • Ads off the merchandise:

don’t overwhelm the customers with a million more product advertisements during checkout. The customer is ready to buy and let him do so directly. They got what they came for.

  • Stay in contact:

Always keep updating the status of the customer’s product by sending emails or changing the status on their dash board. Make sure to mention your number too in case the customers wanted to contact you. It’s essential you stay in contact.


  • Don’t force the customers to sign up to access your website.

Many a times no one wants to go through the hassle of creating an account. Just wanna buy and leave. For this you can ask the customer for his email id or contact number during the purchase order. This is good practice as it will attract more customers.

  • Breadcrumb Navigation:

This is an essential element for online shopping. Breadcrumb navigation makes sure the customer is aware at which step of the buying process he is. He can go back and some changes if he wants to. Sometimes if the customer feels it’s a cumbersome process to finish the purchasing and may abandon it halfway. But if the breadcrumb navigation informs him he is only two or three steps away from completion they will know where they stand.

  • There is nothing more infuriating than thinking you made a good deal and while purchasing you see the final price to be miles off course. Don’t press any hidden charges. Make sure to come out with all the details and explanation.
  • Deals and freebies:

Almost everyone loves freebies and discounts. There are many many websites available, so to immediately get the attention of customers you must give them discounts and coupons to look at. Freebies are an added bonus.

  • Although you cannot totally avoid the shipping cost, more number of people always pick the ones which offer free shipping cost. To do that you may have to slightly adjust the minimum cost. But as long as it shows free shipping with slightly increased minimum cost it would attract customers.
  • Branded products:

This is a no-brainer. Branded products always instill some kind of trust in the customers. Display them on your home page. This is especially wonderful way of directing first timers who only know the brands towards you. That being said choose what you display carefully. You don’t want your website to be a cluttered mess.

  • Always have a complaint box set up.

This shows you take your customers seriously and also make sure you have a return rule. The no return rule is an absolute turn off and that means less customers.

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