Marriage is a sacred institution and its sanctity is maintained by the trust and belief we have on our partners. This trust is the cornerstone of our life and it is formed by good understanding of oneself. In our cultural and traditional heritage, we usually have arranged marriage wherein there is not much time for familiarizing and knowing one another. Thus, honeymoon after marriage is the time when we get to know our partners better. Andaman and Nicobar islands, a secluded small island situated in the Bay of Bengal consists the most exotic locations filled with traditional and cultural heritage. Honeymoon is one sacred time when the couple can bond over, engage in activities together and have a few days of enjoyment and fun. Andaman and Nicobar islands is a beautiful location and lots of couples do end up there after marriage to spend their honeymoon.


Blessed with lush greenery, immaculate beaches and unusual marine life which provides mind-boggling under water fish watching facility, it has everything you need for a blissful vacation and honeymoon experience of your life. If you plan meticulously, you could red-mark the most immaculate and romantic locations to start with. Every honeymoon package can be tested for its credibility on the basis of five necessary check-marks which are must-include’s in the honeymoon kit. It includes a beach side candle-lit dinner.

Every couple needs some quality time together wherein they can forget everything and just bee with each other and soak in each other’s presence. That’s what a candle-lit dinner is for. Andaman and Nicobar Islands offer the best and most beautiful locales to experience this. The next must-have is decorated beds, cakes and bouquet. Everyone loves to be pampered a bit and who doesn’t enjoy a bit of luxury on their honeymoon. The next thing is cruise rides to reach every island and experience the lush green beauty of nature. Personally reviewed beach resorts and eye-catchy rooms are must have’s the honeymoon season. You would never want anything to go wrong when you are with your love.

All these requirements are fulfilled by one of the premier tourism agency “experience andamans” which is approved by Andaman and Nicobar tourism too. They have the most exclusive honeymoon packages at affordable rates and flat 10% off on all offers for limited period of time. Now some people have the wrong pre-conceptions that Andaman Honeymoon trip is highly expensive and not affordable to the middle class. Many cancel their deals due to this. Firstly, there are cheap flights available which can be chosen according to your financial standing. Again, the selection of hotels can be done in the same way.

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Some people also think that Andaman is only for the swimming-lovers and those who know how to do it. No, absolutely no. However, the island is filled with water related activities but they do not require you to be a swimmer. Other than that there is snorkeling, sea walking and scuba-diving also.  Candle-lit dinners are too cash-y, that’s what some people think who visit Andaman. However, for a honeymoon couple it’s highly recommended. Who doesn’t want to spend some quality time alone facing the ocean enjoying the cool and calmness of the sea?

Before planning please do check clearly about the dates. Every location has it’s important season but Andaman is called the all season destination. However, it’s great to visit the island from September end to April end. Have a rough sketch about the destinations you wish to visit in Andaman. The top three according to any travel package is Havelock Island, Neil Island and Port Blair. The most often and widely chosen package is 2 nights in Havelock, 1 night in Neil and 3 nights in Port Blair. Keep track of all the sightseeing locales in Andaman and have a checklist. Discuss with your partner what is his/her interests are? You would obviously want something for the both of you and also have a pleasant time out there during your honeymoon.


Andaman excursion is one travel agency providing you with a varied range of travel plans for your honeymoon to choose from. Most of the packages cover every need ranging from travel, accommodation, food, sightseeing, tour guide etc. Most of them consist of arrival at Port Blair and a night show at Cellular Jail. Also, the visit to Have lock Islands which is reached by water is also included in every package. In the same way, some websites also showcases a number of trip plans with the entire sufficient itinerary included at reasonable cost and negotiable cancellation policy. Holiday IQ, another travel planner offers amazing deals in Andaman and Nicobar Islands honeymoon packages what with, never-seen before discounts on all the packages, experts helping you to plan out your honeymoon and experience of over 1000 satisfied customers. It’s quite easy to book a honeymoon there. You get trip options from best travel companies and you pick your best and customize a plan. Then, you just enjoy your honeymoon with your loved one.

Matches are made in heaven but wedding happens here, on earth. The marriage is to be lived here and for that there needs to be level of understanding, comfort and trust which needs to be built up. Love blossoms in Andaman every minute. That’s the tagline for a honeymoon planner. Thousands of happy couples share their experiences in the blissful Andaman waters and how they found love.

Come, celebrate love here in Andaman.

Have The Time Of Your Life: Andaman Nicobar Islands Honeymoon Package

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