We all live in a fast paced world, don’t we? Don’t you long for some little peace in times of such eternal chaos? We all do, even if some of us don’t get the feeling. Making peace with your inner self is the key to staying calm always and to find the right balance in your life. And for doing that, meditation is the best way to achieve it. Meditation helps you erase your daily anxieties and deal with any negative thoughts that may be bothering you.

If you want to learn meditation religiously, I won’t be kidding here. Taking admission in a reputed institution to learn meditation is the best way to go on about it. But finding a responsible institution is hard. Most of these organizations promise you stuff they are not capable of delivering. Also, most of us feel lazy when we think about having to go to the centre and then do that needful. Learning meditation online is the smart way to go on about it. All you have to do is to make sure you have the right channel to learn it from. No doubt online meditation has become so immensely popular nowadays.

There are several web channels available in YouTube who teach the art of meditation through videos. Get yourself in a comfortable setting, surround yourself with peace and tranquillity, and listen to the instructions. The ideal place to practice meditations is to do so in the open air, preferably on the balcony or rooftop, whichever suits you. The ideal time is of course in the morning, before anything else finds a way into your mind. Start the day with a fresh mind, amidst fresh air and you are sure to stay refreshed throughout your day no matter how stressful it proves to be eventually.


Another thing to take care of before you sit down to meditate is to make sure that you have some privacy during the time you are meditating. Coming out of your reverie before its allotted time is complete is harmful and will have adverse effects. It’s thus better to make sure beforehand that you don’t get disturbed while meditating. Take deep breaths. Fill your lungs to the full and exhale slowly. Rest of the instructions about how to put your ever-active mind to a rest will be taught to you in the videos.

After you are done, stay that way for sometime before you get up. This makes sure that the feeling stays with you for some time.

Learning Meditation Online – The Smart Way!

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