We have heard the power of hot foot powder. In this article, I’m going to give you a procedure on how to perform the candle ritual with spells that work and hot foot powder. This ritual should be performed around midnight as it involves black energy.

Step by step procedure:


  • Take the picture of the person or take a paper and write their name for like 9 times with red ink on it.
  • Take a black candle and rub oil on it with hot foot powder. Now, mark the sections with 9 sewing needles.
  • Take the picture/paper and put apply hot foot oil along the corners and sprinkle the powder over it.
  • Now, place the picture/paper under a saucer/plate and place the black candle over it. Light it and watch it burn till the first section. During this procedure, concentrate your chakra onto the person’s reflection you have in your brain.
  • After it done, blow the candle, take the first needle and penetrate it into the picture/paper.
  • Repeat the procedure multiple times on different days, whenever the candle is burnt to next needle, insert it into the picture/paper. Make a pattern of the double cross using the needles.


  • As this is a hoodoo ritual, you need to make a double cross on the paper. On the last day, take the picture/paper and complete the double cross and fire the paper to watch it burn into ashes.
  • Now, mix the ashes with hot foot powder and submerge it into a water stream over the left shoulder and walk away without looking back.
  • After you’re done, wash your doorway and sprinkle salt around it. Do the whole procedure while walking back and close the door. By this step, you’re done with the ritual and will see the results in no time.
Magic Spell: Hot Foot Powder And Candle Ritual

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