The popularity of the online gaming is really incredible and every hour numerous people are getting addicted to it. The growth of the gaming zone is indeed unprecedented and explosive when it is a game like league of legends that involves strategies to be made. Owned by Tencent, this company has developed the game by embedding great features to enhance the quality of the game.

What this game is all about?


MOBA that is Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, this is what this game is called. Originally released by Riot Games it is set by Runeterra having various champions that are competing online. In these games, there are two teams and each have the aim to destroy the other. The latest versions of the game involve 5 or 10 players who are competing against each other in order to register a win.

The players cannot pause the game and continue to play for one hour. If the player picks to relinquish the game in between, then his account may get locked or suspended leading to temporary ban. If a player does this on a regular basis, then his account can be suspended permanently.

What are the smurf accounts?

These accounts are meant for those players who have registered huge wins in the game and are categorized as high-end players. To improve their strategies they have to get new accounts created for them in order to get better features. There are many levels in the game and to reach from first level to 30 levels, one needs to wait for months. Check the following advantages of having the smurf accounts for you:


  • It becomes essential to have the lol smurf account buy so that you can register huge wins in the game. If you are playing on your smurf account then you can show a rope to the friends who are playing at the lower level.
  • You are going to play via the servers when you choose to have the smurf accounts by your side.
  • You can also hide your identity with the help of this account. If you are famous streamer of the game then a lot of friend requests would be bugging you.
  • If the account is newly acquired by you, make sure that you are keeping it a secret otherwise get ready to have better number of annoying friend requests on your new smurf account too.
Why People Are In Love With The Online Games?

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