Basket ball is not just a sport; it has indeed become a lifestyle for many!! And we very well know that in the game of basket ball, it is imperative to jump high in order to hit the ball right into the basket. The game of basket ball is really fun if you are able to score the maximum baskets in the court at the very right time. So, it is all about jumping vertically high and gaining the right basket. We bring to an amazing vertical jump program that is in the vogue nowadays, namely the vert shock program brought into the picture by two renowned personalities namely, Adam Folker and Justin Darlington.

A Comprehensive study of the vert shock program!!

A creative joint merger of a Canadian based professional basket ball player and an award-winning dunker Justin Darlington, this vert shock program is an incredible guidance or a specific step by step methodology that was basically designed to serve the purpose of bringing an amplification of about 9 to 5 inches to the vertical jump of both the athletes and non athletes performance in just a specific period of 8 weeks of training. In the sport of basket ball, it is imperative to jump high and it is a mandatory requirement in order to accomplish even the most basic form of dunk. Its sole purpose is to specifically help individuals whether or not having an athletic background to bring about an enhancement of their vertical jump and hit the basket at the right note thus paving way to victory altogether.


Phases of the program

Now, let us draw you attention towards the three main phases of the program that have been enlisted as below: –

  • Phase I (Pre Shock) First Shock: – The first prominent phase is basically all about preparing the body of the individual for the successive phases and is carried out for 1 week. It is during this particular time that the individual is going to get an increment of about 3 to 5 inches to the specific vertical jump.
  • Phase II Shock phase: – This one is considered to be the basic core of the vert shock program and the time duration of the same is for 6 weeks. The primary focus in this one is the central nervous system which is shocked in order to create an environment to jump high much higher than expected. The muscles of the bo0dy are stimulated so that one can react incredibly fast and create highly elevated explosion leaps.
  • Phase III Post Shock Phase: – This one is basically to seal the particular newly acquired gains in the body and also make the human body and the muscles accustomed to the particular quick neurological response. The phase basically helps in strengthening the memory to record the learned materials that were prominent in the past two phases of this wonder program.

According to the developers of the program, vert shock stands apart in the crowd from the rest as it does not have the tendency to impose any kind of burden on the mindsets of the employees and thus they are not over-trained in any circumstances. Vert shock results have been really great and individuals are satisfied and even overwhelmed with the improvisation brought about in their vertical jump.


Benefits of the vert shock program

  • Easy to follow and an unambiguous step by step methodology employed in the program.
  • It is carried out in a safe and secure environment and does not put any strain on the individual by over training.
  • It works on the precise elements of the vertical jumping thus paving the way towards desired and better results.
  • Instead of investing time in the unproductive techniques, this one saves your valuable time in doing what really works for you.
Elevate Yourself By Aiming At The Basket Precisely!!

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