Flash games are simple, easy-to-play games that you can play on the internet. All you need is a web browser and you are all set. There are tons of free flash games on the internet and they cover all genres. Both serious and casual gamers play flash games. You can play a flash game using standard web technologies like HTML, CSS etc, and sometimes you might require some additional plug-ins to run the game. The flash games can be played on all platforms like your desktop, smartphones, and laptop so that fun never stops! And you are always able to play your favorite games on the go.

Flash and its History:

Flash is vector based animation software for creating videos and complex animations to be displayed on web pages. It is the brainchild of Macromedia, the company responsible for bringing out flash. Flash was later bought by their rival company Adobe in 2005.


When Flash first came out it was really handy since it used vector graphics which are easier to handle; before flash got replaced by other modern technologies like HTML, the developers at Macromedia argued in favor of flash stating the following reasons –

  • Flash movies load fast and save a lot of time on download since it uses vector graphics.
  • Flash ‘caches’ its videos so they don’t have to load every time you wish to view it. Finally,
  • Flash offers a rich-client like experience.

All of the above are valid points, but it can be true for HTML as well, except for vectors. Flash have a lot of compatibility problems with different browsers and users are required to their plug-ins to be installed before their movies can be rendered on the website.

Flash has survived all this, and today its being used to make all kinds of games. There are flash games for categories like Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Arcade, Racing, Shooting, Multiplayer, Social etc. Websites like Miniclip and FRIV have made these games extremely popular and easily accessible. New games are being published every day so there’s always something new to try.


Flash games have immense popularity among children as well, and this has got many schools to impose restrictions on websites that host these games because students are known to surf the internet or play these games in their free time.

There’s no need to worry since there are tons of websites using which you can play unblocked games at school. They are absolutely free and require no installation or prior registration. Just go to any popular website and you will have endless hours of fun on your favorite games.

Flash Games

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