Few basic techniques and tips one must remember:

1)The very first that that a person who is considering of riding a horse must know that the horse is also a living being and will react to whatever happens . They have feelings too. Therefore, the first step should be approaching the horse. Don’t go to catch him directly. You can offer a treat to him or pat gently. As per horse-show-schedules.com Befriending him is the very basic technique. . This leads to better bond between the two.


2) Keep track of your postures. Keep your body straight especially your shoulder, hip and heel. The rider’s back should be straight. Initially, the rider will have a problem with the postures but eventually it would happen. Taking help from trainees is important in order to avoid accidents.

3) Especially deigned boots for horse riding should be worn to avoid extremely dangerous leg injuries which might happen when a person falls off in the stirrup.

4) Apart from shoes, Helmet is the next very important thing on need to have.

5) It is very important to breathe while riding. New learners often tend to hold their breath while riding due to uncomfortableness. This shouldn’t happen because this sometimes leads to backaches and side aches.


6) Pulling back on both the reins is the biggest method used by riders to stop the horse. The rider needs to understand the technique because you can’t just go out and haul on one rein and expect him to stop in one go. It’s about the balance too. To stop him you just have to put a little pressure. If you are unable to learn the technique of stopping then taking training is important.

7) You must know that the horse’s head and face are the most sensitive part of their body and some of them might not like them being touched.

Horse Riding Techniques

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