“For one who has taken birth , death is certain  and for one who has died, birth is certain “ this is mentioned in BHAGAVADGITA, a religious text of India. Death is the inevitable part of one’s life and the only thing we can be sure about. No one knows when it’s their time, so most of people never plan about their funerals or last rite so after they are gone it’s all on their family and relatives who are normally in an unstable state of mind or emotionally, in that state of mind it is not easy to make decision, but what else could you ; there are people always bugging you for ‘this’ or for ‘that’ there is no relief  in such conditions but to make thing easier for the family of deceased a new group of service providers has emerged to  help or aid in their process.


These groups are known as funeral service providers and they are currently present in Singapore. Singapore is influenced by Chinese (Buddhist) religion and culture; and funeral in Chinese culture is considered to be a big deal. Chinese culture and customs in Singapore can be pretty confusing and the matter of hardship for anyone doesn’t matters if it’s first time or not. According to Chinese rituals death doesn’t signify the end of a person’s participations in the lives and activities of his family. But it is conceived as a process of transition. Funeral rituals for the Chinese are a part of a folk religion without fix dogmas or doctrines. There are many variations and interpretations to Chinese funeral rituals. In Singaporethese rituals can be classified into six main categories, following

  1. Gathering of family unit ;
  2. Wearing the mourning garments.
  3. Performances of rituals to help the deceased into after life.
  4. Holding of funeral wake.
  5. Burial or crimination.
  6. Installation of deceased as an ancestor.


Singapore funeral services are one of the funeral service providers who help you or your family ease the process of  funeral after you or someone in the family is gone. Funeral director Singapore is a person you can talk to or discuss about pre planning your funeral. Funeral director Singapore HOO HANG CHYE and VICTOR HOO mention a few benefit of the pre planning such as it helps relief emotional stress, prevents emotional overspreading, prevents unnecessary disputes, making decision with clear minds and their services can be customized to the smallest details.

KLINT THIAN and SOPHI NIAM are two of the people who used their service and gives good impression about the services provided by funeral director Singapore and their company. SOPHI NIAM tells about her experience that her father passed away 2:30 in the morning which was a shock for her she had not planned for this and to add to her problems the police officers were constantly telling her to remove the body by 9 A.M she called VICTOR HOO 3 in the morning and VICTOR HOO as a funeral director arranged everything for the funeral as she requested.” The peace of mine is the final gift of love we can provide for your loved ones”, Is what they promise and they deliver.

Planing For The End

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