Some of our traditions have been going on from so long that some of us have no idea when they started. Traditions are an important part of our lives as it reminds us of our origins and where we came from. It makes us unique and different, it makes us feel special. Traditions can be as simple as having curd before we leave the house everyday to eating in a certain. Traditions can even be connected to our clothing and things that we use in our daily lives. It can be as simple as the Kurta- Pajama that Muslim’s wear during their holy prayers or the peshtemal’s that people use in Turkey to dry themselves.

The Pestemal towels have existed as long as the Turks most probably. They are high quality towels made from 100% premium Turkish cotton.They are flat woven with hand tied fringe. They are also called hamam towels. They are about 40 to 70 feet long and can be laundered easily owing to their lightweight. They can be used in the place of towels that we use in bathrooms, pools, beaches, baby care. They absorb water as fat as normal towels do and dry even faster which is amazing as the pestemals don’t spell much. They are very light and come in different designs and colours, depending on the region they come from. The pestemals are unique to the different regions of Turkey.


Historically speaking the pestemals were used during Turkish baths.They have been here since the time of the Ottomans. The Turkish baths have a lot in common with saunas and the Roman baths. The Turk’s used to sit in a room with hot air in it. No steam or vapor but hot air. The room would be pretty hot and this would make the people in the room sweat profusely. The perspiration would take out all the dirt and cleanse their bodies and after this the people would go and wash themselves in cool water to wash all the perspiration off them.

They would then use the pestemals to dry themselves . These pestemals are traditional Turkish bath towels and have been passed on from many generations. The pestemals are many times worn as a comfortable clothing at home with men wrapping them around their lower body and women using the pestemals to cover their head or chest region.


Nowadays we actually find alot of celebrities adorning the pestemals in the beaches and other places. We get varying kinds of pestemals in different parts in the world nowadays. As it’s growing in popularity, people are coming up with new ideas to make them. Nowadays we find pestemals with different kinds of materials like jute with many kinds of designs and not just stripes. The use of Pete’s mala has now grown out of Turkey and are being used worldwide now because of it’s softness and lightness. You can avail a good quality pestemal for around $25 on Amazon and there are a huge range of designs, color and sizes to choose from.


The Traditional Pestemal

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