The word “Turntables”, to a layman who is not so much into reading, may connote a piece of portable furniture or an English phrase. But the old connoisseurs of music will tell us that besides writing missives to your lovers, reading offline books, Turntable made a larger chunk of their memories. Popularly called as Vinyl Record Player or a Gramophone, a Turntable is technically a part of the record player which supports the record.

This invention by Thomas Edison as the first device which would record and replay sound was threatened to the extent of extinction with the invention of low-cost radio in the aftermath of World War I. A story in “The Economist” entitled “End of Track” talked about the demise of turntables as official on May 11 1991, 90 years after the first record was pressed. Ironically, radio technology led to improvements in record making, by using electronically amplified disc cutters. During the 1930s and 1940s, the turntables and turntable records continued to improve and in 1931 Columbia introduced the first “long playing” record.


The production graph of Turntables has  resembled a phoenix-like trend; it has augmented its manufacturing from the ashes of its diminishing point. Even the birth of compact disk could not spring upon Turntables. The manufacturers of best Turntable for the contemporary audiophiles have kept themselves abreast of the latest technologies with new features and incorporated them.

Its making is more of an art than science. CDs are phony but  vinyl records are made from scratch using PVC pellets and paper step in a multi-step process which pretty susceptible to errors. But it is this peculiar process which attracts the astute masses. In the recent past, the year 2008 itself the sales of Turntables nearly doubled from the previous year’s 1 million to 1.9 million. The tallies have gone up each year since, and 2013’s 6.1 million is a 33 percent increase over 2012’s 4.6 million. Its resurrection started when the power of artistic copyright saw a decline. Turntables of Rega, Project and Linn- or Stanton have a more emotional feel which phone or hard drive lack. On financial yardstick also it boasts its resurgence. Out of the 142 million albums sold in 2013 barely 2 percent were shipped on the format.


One tryst for this old school type of music has been As of 2016 it ranked the best choice of people in the market of Turntables to Audio Technica AT-LP-120-USB Direct Drive Turntable. It can play all kinds of vinyl records and convert them into mp3 and Flac files.  High performance sound, USB connectivity motor speed controlled by quartz controlled pith lock, elliptical diamond stylus of size 0.4x 0.7mm and anti vibration coupled with cast aluminium record platter are some of its features. It can also work with Operating systems like Mac and Windows.

The second best in the line Electrohome  Signature Vinyl Record Player. This is the best cocktail of vintage styled design and modern record player technology. The device is equipped with four high performance speakers and well-tuned acoustic cabinet. The Turntable is belt driven. With its fully automatic top, it can spin records of 7 inch, 12 inch and 10 inch. The diamond tipped ceramic needle aids in offering natural and warm sound. It offers the speed of 33-2/3 rpm, 45 and 78 rpm.  It also offers connections with Mp3, Tablet or smart phone and can also be used as AM/FM Radio.

The Trust Of Turntables And Its Lovers

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