An interesting aspect about manga is the freedom it offers in the storylines. Manga storylines often involve all kinds of possible scenarios and all sorts of characters. There are fictional characters, fairies, kings, warriors and even Gods, along with demons, angels, aliens, monsters and even vampires. Last but not the least, there are regular people as well. As for the scenarios, they are quite varied as well. Be it an ancient kingdom, a regular high school in Tokyo, some isolated island, some futuristic society, a habitable planet or even a vampire’s territory, there is no end to the possible scenarios in manga series.


Naturally, readers find these storylines to be rather interesting. People are always intrigued by such unrealistic scenes, knowing full well that they do not exist in reality. After all humans are curious beings by instinct. This gives rise to and allows the creators of series to incorporate innumerable different story elements and indeed take the series on a new level of imagination. People often find angels, demons and vampires characters way too interesting. So naturally, many series have similar storylines. But each series offers some unique twist, that is solely its own. This is the crucial part where a series can attract more readers, depending on how well the story progresses.


For instance, the manga Servamp is about a conflict between humans and vampires. Each series tries to differentiate itself from the rest. While this scenario is rather common, the story is focused on a teenage boy and how he gets involved in such a drastic event. Quite interestingly, the series is a shoujo. That is, it is targeted at the young girl market. This makes it quite unique due to the simple fact that such series are generally intended for young boys market. The manga is also slated for an anime release this year.

Uniquely Cliched Storylines – An Insight Into Manga

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