If you are among those women who make their own choices in life, without leaving it to luck, this article is for you. If you wish to rimanere incinta without having to consult your gynecologist everyday you can follow these guidelines before you make any other choice-

  1. Going off the birth control

If you have finally decided that you want to get pregnant, the first thing you need to do is getting off any birth control that you might be undergoing long before you plan to have a baby. If you have been taking birth control, your body takes some time to get back to normal ovulation which is necessary to conceive.

  1. Know when you ovulate


It is very important to know your fertile days that is the days when you ovulate. In case you miss those days regularly, you must use an ovulation predictor kit (OPK) designed specifically for this purpose. Another important way of knowing your ovulation date approximately is to subtract 14 from the total length of your ovulation cycle.

  1. Try to have sex just before you ovulate

The sperms have a life span of about two to three days while eggs last for only 24 hours once they are released. So if you have sex just before you ovulate chances are the egg will be still there while the sperm sets in. This boosts the chances of fertilization.

  1. Follow certain Do’s and Don’ts

It doesn’t harm much to follow some old tricks while having sex. You never know which one might actually end up helping you. It is believed that one should lie on her back after having sex so the sperms get an easy swim towards the egg. Having sex before going to bed is said to have its benefits. Using a lubricant is not suggested. There is no theory to prove that an orgasm can boost conception.

  1. Have a healthy lifestyle
  • Try and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Include physical exercise on a daily basis in your lifestyle.
  • Eat diet that is healthy and includes greens.
  • Limit the intake of caffeine.
  • Learn to manage stress really well since it is the biggest culprit in delayed conception.


  1. Preconception planning

It is extremely popular among young and educated couples to go in for preconception planning once they decide to have a baby. An organized and well planned lifestyle inclusive of diet habits and other important things are suggested by the health care. This is especially helpful for couple who might be struggling with other health issues.

  1. Taking supplements

Taking health supplements and vitamins like Folic acid months before the final conception prevent any risk of neural tube defects. Folic acid is also an essential supplement for baby’s health.

  1. Having regular sex

Last but not the least, having regular sex increases the probability of hitting the fertile period. In many cases this might be the biggest hindrance in gaining fertility at the right time.

Choosing When To Get Pregnant

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