Carrageenan is a soluble fiber which has been used in various foods for a long time. Carrageenan was first discovered in Ireland, but it has been used in various food items all over the world and it is also available for sale at various places. If you are wondering what is Carrageenan, then you need to make sure you get enough information about the product before you consider buying it. While the debate of whether or not it is safe for consumption is on, there is evidence that proves pure Carrageenan is highly beneficial to people for a number of reasons, mainly weight loss.


If you’re wondering what is Carrageenan, then read on. Carrageenan is a fiber that is extracted from Irish Moss or seaweed. This fiber is soluble and is added to various food items to make it taste better.  Carrageenan is a natural ingredient which does not have any side effects when consumed in its pure form. The minute people add chemicals, fillers or binders to this fiber, it becomes unsafe. This is one of the main reasons why Carrageenan has a bad name in the market these days.

The fiber is extracted from seaweed and the process is tough. In order for a seller to provide you with pure Carrageenan, they will have to charge you a high sum. Considering the numerous health benefits that Carrageenan has to offer, a number of people are looking for the fiber and this is why multiple companies began to sell low quality Carrageenan which is combined with chemicals and binders in order for them to deliver it at cheap prices in the market. One of the main things that you need to check while purchasing Carrageenan is that you are getting 100% pure Carrageenan and not something that is combined with artificial substances. These artificial substances are dangerous for the body and since multiple companies have been selling it under the name of Carrageenan, the product has a bad name.Petani menunjukkan rumput laut hasil panen di Pantai Tonra, kabupaten Bone, Sulawesi Selatan, Selasa(21/7). Rumput laut yang kini dijual Rp8.000 per kg dari sebelumnya Rp10.000 per kg itu merupakan bahan baku agar-agar dan industri kosmetik. ANTARA FOTO/Yusran Uccang/ss/aww/15.

When used in the right amounts and when used in its pure form, Carrageenan is one of the most beneficial substances that you will find in the market. It helps to make tasteless food taste good by adding texture, flavor and body to it. Most low fat food products lack flavor due to the missing fat content in it, and Carrageenan acts as the fat in the product thus making it taste just as good as the real product.

If you’re planning on losing weight, but you do not want to try out any harmful supplements or medications, do some research and figure out a way to get your hands on pure Carrageenan. You will manage to eat low fat food all day without ever missing the real meal. This will help you to get in shape in a healthy manner. However, it is essential for you to look for the real product and not a fake counterpart that can prove to be harmful for your body.

Don’t Ignore The Benefits Of Carrageenan

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