Nirvana memorial garden is a splendid private memorial park in Semenyih, Malaysia. The largest dragon statue in Malaysia is positioned here, which is 1,000 feet long and its interior has boxes built for placing the dead’s ashes. It is fully air conditioned from inside, to keep the ashes of individuals protected. Being the first private columbarium in Singapore, it comprises of both classical Chinese culture and contemporary design elements making it one of the most popular places for availing cremation services. qing-ming-festival-prayer

As a piece of NV Multi Asia Group, Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore is the one and only six-star luxurious place for keeping ashes of dead that incorporate Buddhism, Confucianism,  Taoism.

  • It further incorporates ground-breaking columbarium construction which emphasizes state-of-the-art technology, favourable elements of Fengshui, complex frills, high build quality standard.
  • It has been crafted taking inspiration from modern culture, which is completely different to the traditional values and culture.
  • The memorial garden is a complete peaceful place which has been built with the assistance of officials working at the place. Thus, one can peacefully leave their deceased loved ones at the memorial ground and also meet their family members in utter comfort.
  • With their green views and a peaceful ambiance, Nirvana Memorial Garden also let the visitors to feel the peace when they give respects to their gone loved ones. Nirvana provides great management team and service staff, who serve each patron with compassion, professionalism, and kindness.
  • The memorial place has served people to intensify their relationship with family members. Hence people are able to build a strong bond with the family and also maintain Chinese tradition.
  • Offering the best services of cremation, both family members and relatives of deceased can feel at peace while performing the rights and biding good bye to the dead.nirvana-memorial-garden-prayer-services-300x200

Hence, in every aspect Nirvana memorial garden is the place where in one can leave their deceased loved ones behind in peace and also expect to stay connected to them.

Nirvana memorial garden: Eternal resting place for your loved ones

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