How about capturing your gang of friends in a backdrop of your choice? Don’t you feel you can frame it for life? Selfies will be all different now and your memories will have a whole new flavor of fun, mirth and craziness attached to them. With new and innovative photo booths coming up, you can have your own chamber of fun.

In case you are new to the entire idea, a photo booth is a small chamber (sometimes portable), which offers you the facility to click pictures – group pictures as well as solo. Globally, photo booths are heavily in demand. Hollywood stars also use them while clicking pictures. If you witness any global award ceremony they have photo booths installed for the fans to click pictures with their favorite stars.


Sometimes the attractive quotient of any photo booth is the backgrounds. Attractive quotes, desirable themes, vibrant colors are some of the backgrounds people prefer. So the entire concept of photo booth is extremely interesting. It all started some around 100 years back. At that time the entire concept of studio was not there. If people want to click pictures, they can log into any such photo booths and click their own pictures and take out the photograph. Over the time the concept of photo booth changed and now what we have is an evolved version.

So let’s check out the facilities generally available:-

  • Photo booths are generally given for a variety of occasions. As you have seen till now, reunion of friends or some house party is a perfect occasion for which photo booths are hired. If you have any corporate or company function, you can also use photo booths for capturing pictures with your company logo and theme at the background. Marriage ceremony is another perfect occasion. Imagine clicking ample pictures with your hubby and friends around doing crazy stuffs will surely be with you forever. You can customize your background according to your wish. Love quotes, red roses all around are some of the backgrounds people generally choose while they use photo booths for marriage ceremony.
  • Almost all photo booths that are rented contain HD screens. Whatever pictures you click will be instantly flashed on the screen. So you can click pictures one after another and see all your pictures on the HD screen. These HD screens mostly contain all social networking apps and sharing apps and you can instantly share these pictures. Click a group picture and instantly share and send the pictures. How does that sound? Interesting!! Yes, this is how photo booths are. This is the ultimate place for capturing memories.


  • Other than clicking pictures, you can also record videos. So while you capture still pictures, try recording all the fun and frolic that you are getting. This concept of video recording is quite popular among veterans who frequently hire photo booths. Flash lights and different shades of lights are also generally present. So you can customize your light according to your own wish and record a video. How about that soft dance with your husband on your wedding day being recorded against a romantic backdrop?
  • Generally a photo booth can accommodate 10-15 people at a time. Few photo booth agencies strictly limit the number of attendees at a specific figure. No ruckus should be created which may damage the photo booth. Onsite personnel will also be there who can guide you with all the amenities.
  • There are funny props present. Props according to your occasions will also be present if you ask the owners. You can use them and accentuate the mood. Big goggles, funny wigs, comic dresses, even specific props all will be available. So you can use them and keep them intact after you finish your session.
  • All kind of USB facilities are provided. You take your pictures on your device or transfer from your device to the HD screens that are present. Photo filters and photo editing applications are also present. So you can apply your own effect to the photos that you click. Online gallery facility is also present. So you can upload your pictures to the online gallery so that you can fetch those pictures later on. This gallery is totally maintained by the organizations who rent out these photo booths.


The charge for these generally depends upon the number of hours for which you are taking it. The charges vary from $850 (2hours) to $995 (3hours) to $1200 (4hours). Obviously the figures will vary from organization to organization.

There are many photo booths Toronto has to offer. The concept of photo booths is extremely popular at Toronto. So the demand is also high. You can definitely check the different photo booth sites. Rentals can be acquired from the internet. Once you visit their site, you will get the details about all the facilities that they provide. Prices will also be displayed there. You can register in relevant section and your booking will be accepted according to the availability.,,,,,, etc are some of the leading websites of the photo booth Toronto owns.

Few rentals ask you to sign terms and conditions. Some rentals also allow you to rent all the photo booths that they have. So make sure you don’t damage properties.

Enjoy your time. Click your memories. Capture and frame them. Let your gang of friends be with you for your entire lifetime.

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