iTube, an application which is meant to bring you closer to music, so that you could make the most of your leisure time, and enjoy listening to your favourite songs one after the other. The iTube is a video streaming application which is available for iPod, iPad and iPhone, and the application is available in both advertisement and ad-free versions. Today, everything costs you money, and so is music which brings a hindrance between you and your love for music. However, the iTube application makes it possible for you to access your favourite music without paying for it, so here it is totally free.

Why iTube is the new cool?

People have been largely driven by the iTube app, and this is used by people on large scale as they get access to their favourite music free of cost. Your mobile device is the most suitable location which brings for you the best videos that would entertain you for as long as you want. Let’s know the reasons why you should download this application and use it to your advantage;


  • Arrange the playlist of your favourite song, and enjoy it anytime when you want without sorting the options that you want to hear.
  • This service is available free of cost, so you no more have to pay to be entertained. Find whatever you are looking out for, and pay nothing to get it.
  • While your cell phone is at no reception or airplane mode, you can still have access to your favourite songs.
  • It won’t be wrong to call iTube as the future of music free music, which you can easily download or watch online.
  • A free application, with limited song options, what more you need to fulfil your musical demands.

iTube allows you to create a playlist which you have been always wanting for. Now you need no more access to the YouTube, just one application on your mobile, and you are good to go with yr favourite music. At the same time, you need not have to pay anything, it totally free of cost, and where you find freebies while you are an apple freak. The iWorld is full of expenses, and here when a service is launched free of cost, there is no other news as big and happy as this.


Make sure you download this application, as the number of advantages that come in with this are a lot, and you really can’t afford to miss it. The world is incomplete without music, and so are u without a free music streaming application. Enjoy the advantages brought to your by iTube, as you should really not afford to miss the free music that comes with unlimited variety. Not only the songs, but you could also download its lyrics, so with iTube it all about songs, and everything about songs. Give it a try, and you are definitely going to love it, (provided you love music).

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