Those geese are defined as the most difficult birds to hunt, each year more and more people are venturing into goose hunting. Most hunters going out for snow goose hunting go equipped with the latest blinds, e-callers, and decoys to make them successful. When they hit the field they find out that their job is cut out for them and that is why here are tips to make any snow goose hunter to be successful.

It is important that you have a fine line. During spring goose hunting, water and food are the determining factors. And in winter the birdstries to move to the north, but when they hit the snow line or ice line, they are forced to stop. So when you want to hunt in the winter, find that line and you will have a lot of catch to take home as they don’t venture past an area where snow has not yet melted because they know there is no food.


The location is important when snow goose hunting. Make sure that your focal point is about where historically, very many geese are found. Get yourself stationed in an area which has a high number of goose traffic. It is likely that snow goose will keep on using the same route year after year;make the route and hunt. If you get yourself stationed in the right location, you will be able to catch the fresh snow goose, picking on those which are migrating. It is more likely that new birds will respond to your calls and the decoy than the old ones.

Time wisely. During the migration, don’t go for the front end birds as they consist mostly of the adult ones and they are very hard to hunt. They are more experienced and have seen all the e-callers and decoys in the world and escaping from your traps is very easy. Hunt in the middle or back end geese as it consists of the younger geese which are easily attracted to the decoys and e-callers.


It is important as a hunter to produce a realistic sound with the e-caller. Make sure that the sound produced is a clean, realistic soundtrack, which features the sounds of individual geese. Don’t try to make a huge sound normally produced by e-caller systems as it will scare away the birds and you will not have any game to take home.

Tips On Goose Hunting For Beginners

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