Long Before the invention of compact disks, Walkman’s and stereo player’s people used to listen music on turntable record players.

Turntables were developed after gramophones and phonographs came into existence .A turntable, is a simple machine characterised by a spinning wheel powered with an electric motor. As soon as the machine is turned on, the electric motor makes a black vinyl disc rotate around a peg located in the centre. 41s9n1sl0kl-_ac_us160_record-player

Physical Construction

Every typical record player has a diamond or a sapphire mounted at the end which is called a stylus. As soon as this stylus moves, its microscopic vibrations are transmitted down the bar .There is an electromagnetic device fitted into the end of stylus which is called a cartridge. Every time the bar strikes the crystal, an electric signal gets generated.

Sometimes, some record players have small electric coils with a magnet inside. As soon as the stylus moves, the magnet moves up and down leading to generation of electrical signals.

How is a Record Player different from a CD player?

  • A record player is an analogue device on the other hand a CD player is a digital device.
  • The music in a CD player is stored in the form of numbers that is read by laser in the form of bumps. While in a record player music is stored in the form of bumps with the size of bump determines the size of musical notes produced.

Which is better?

This is one hard question to argue .But; the fact is with continuously evolving technology every new gadget seems to replace the old one. Record players seemed to face the same fate. As the number of music publishing companies started flooding the market, they began using using CD’S instead of record players so in this manner people were left with no choice.

Turntables: The modern day record players!

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