Pokemon Go has proven to be a social phenomenon, one of the biggest probably for this year so far. Since its launch in July this year, it has left a lot of people hooked, as this augmented reality gaming experience is such a breath of fresh air, unlike any other game people have played before. There have been different ideas, attacks, and approaches related to playing the game. Some choose to do the long and hard way, while some cheat and buy pokemon go account in order for them to progress instantly and be a trainer with a high level sans the hard work and long playing hours it would take to become one.

Given this huge popularity of the game around the world, and that this is a whole new different kind of gaming experience, a lot of less than pleasant, but avoidable incidences relating to it have made headlines of different news pages as well. The following are just some of these incidences:


There are a lot of benefits that are experience by advanced game players, and some people simply don’t have the patience to do so. To help with this problem, they simply purchase an account of someone who has been playing the game so much that he has an advance trainer’s level already. Despite being expensive, certain fanatics of the game go all the way and spend up to thousands of pounds and dollars. Others who are desperate to get a hold of a game also make use of third party apps to play with it despite being unreleased in their country, and some use third party apps to get away with searching from place to place. It’s important to note, however, that getting caught cheating in whatever way may cause you to be banned.


Deaths Connected to Playing

There have been reports in some countries which attribute the death of some people to playing the game. In countries such as Guatemala and Japan, there have been incidences were players were shot dead while playing the game, as it is believed that the activated GPS helped the killers into finding the exact location of the people who were killed, while one distracted driver, who was playing the game while on the wheels accidentally killed someone, with the car colliding with someone on the road whom he had not seen.


From simple tripping incidents, to death while playing the game, there have already been a lot of accidents on the road, like players who were not able to see vehicles coming their way, resulting to getting hit. In other places, stampedes have also been reported


Banning of the game in Places

Pokemon Go would require you to go to real world places, such as Shops, Parks, Restaurants, among others for you to recharge, capture, or engage in a duel with other trainers. This entering of public places just to play the game disrupts order sometimes, especially in courts and administrative offices of the government, therefore causing the game to be banned.

Pokemon Go: Incidences, Complaints, And More

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