Showbox Means Unlimited Entertainment

Showbox Means Unlimited Entertainment

ShowBox is actually an app that allows the user to watch unlimited movies and TV shows on a loop without any need to login or register. And that too for free devoid of any cost. Showbox is now officially available in the market for Android and iPhone users and the good news is with the arrival of android emulators, it is now evidently feasible on PC and laptops.

Due to its huge demand in the market for being able to stream movies for free, it has gathered tons of users over the past few years. To get started with using this app, you have to download the ShowBox download file with apk extension. After having downloading it, install the file after searching for it from the file explorer while waiting for a few moments for ShowBox to be installed.


When you would click on the Showbox apk file, give it the permission it requests for and click on Next button to accept the mandatory terms and conditions that are very essential to proceed.  After doing so, click on Install button and wait for a few minutes for ShowBox to be installed on its own. Well this is the sole and easy way to get ShowBox on your device and watch continuous movies and videos relentlessly.

This app has no registration or login issues and even allows users to create their own customized playlist containing their favorite movies and recommended channels. One can watch and download videos anywhere on the planet. All one needs is a stable Internet connection and a compatible device to work alongside.



According to my opinions, ShowBox is the best way to kill boredom and have a good time to enjoy entertainment with family and friends. So what are you waiting for? Get the ShowBox APK latest version now available for download on this page and start creating your own playlist right away.

Facetime V/S Android Equivalents

Facetime V/S Android Equivalents

There was once a time when talking to a person in some distant corner of the world was a dream. With technological revolutions today, you not only talk to someone in voice but can also see the person speak to you live, provided you have the right equipment and associated features!

With advancements in communication techniques and the emergence of new gadgets, the tech world has, today, seen things turn real which used to be a vision once.A lot of applications are available today that enable you to have a live video chatting involvement with a person located anywhere on the globe.

Facetime is one such video telephony product brought to you by Apple Inc. Loaded with features like free calling, video chatting, file transfer, push notifications, Facetime is a user-friendly app and requires a good internet connectivity. Facetime featured in the Mac Appstore in 2011 for the first time. You can run Facetime seamlessly on iPhones, iPads and iPods that support it.

Facetime is supported by any iOS device with a front camera and any Macintosh computer equipped with an iSight camera. Unlike Mac OS X’s iChat, Facetime does not let you hold group conferencing. It gives you a one-on-one video chatting experience i.e. between two persons only. So if you receive a call from another user, the session with the present user comes to an end.

If you are already on a voice call and wish to activate the Facetime feature, all you need is to click on the Facetime button.

Now here’s something that would certainly disappoint if you are an Android fan. Facetime does not have a version for Android. Yes, ‘Facetime for Android’ is a myth as of the moment. Apple is perhaps too protective of its intellectual rights. Incompatibility to non-apple devices is one of its greatest drawbacks because not everyone can afford an iPhone or a MacBook. So what to do then? Well, for the Android users, there are many alternatives some of which are way better than Facetime in terms of customer satisfaction.

You can try out the very popular Skype from Microsoft. Its interface being simple and clean, the fact that it runs in several platforms including Android, iPhones, iPads, tablets, PCs, Macs helps hold its grounds remarkably well against the Apple giant. However, Facetime is integrated with its OS and Skype is not.


Speaking of another similar app Hangouts, it initially had complaints of not being able to deliver features as promised. But it has come a long way. Facetime has a slight improved interface but the versatility of Hangouts stands second to none.

Facebook Messenger initially started off with just a chunk of features torn away from the main FB app but it has expanded exponentially since then. Interestingly, FB messenger though without much flashy interface, ismore convenient to use than Facetime.

Viber seems like colour swapped WhatsApp but performance-wise is lot stable and provides relatively inexpensive calling service. Although Viber provides finer voice quality but Facetime is better especially in the video quality of chatting.

Apps like Imo and Tango provide excellent, free video calls and chatting services. Imo has the striking feature that it does not drop calls unlike few apps. Tango on the other hand, with all its essential features in the bottom of the screen emerges as one of the bests in terms of user friendly designs.  ooVoo is yet another video call app that also allows group chat as against Facetime which doesn’t.


Although users have mixed remarks about Facetime, it purely depends on the preference of the users. While it’s a fact that most people cannot do without the customisation and flexibility of Android but Facetime has its own relevance.

All Hail The King

All Hail The King

Burger King, often abbreviated as BK, is an American fast food joint with its headquarters in Florida, United States. The company began in 1953, with its main predominantly consisting of hamburgers, French fries, soft drinks, milk shakes and desserts. After being acquired by its Miami, Florida franchises, burger king launched their new burger called the 1978, Burger king launched their first breakfast menu which included several sandwiches. In 1996, burger king launched the Big King sandwich in response to the McDonald’s Big Mac sandwich, which was their major rival at the time. Burger King’s chicken tenders made their debut in the menu in 1985 due to the lack of chicken fingers product, similar to McDonald’s chicken nuggets.

In the present day, Burger king has expanded their menu, which was otherwise limited to some burgers, fries and shakes. Despite of the presence of tough competitors in the market, Burger King has carved their own niche. Now, Burger King have their franchise scattered all over the globe which includes Japan, Singapore, Canada, India, Germany, United Kingdoms and the list goes on.

There are a number of reasons why people keep coming back to Burger king, apart from the scrumptious food it serves, the meat in the burger is broiled and not fried which has a deep flavor almost with a charcoal smoke hue, the buns are soft and fresh and the quantity is fulfilling.

Burger king specials include fire grilled burgers which come in dimensions, and anybody who is a fan of hamburgers, knows that Burger King is the greatest spot to go to. On top of that, Burger King happy hour provides the opportunity to get the food for cheaper prices which makes the consumer repeatedly pay them visits. Burger king has also started their Burger King Dollar menu, which intends to serve food to the customers at just one dollar. The burger king dollar menu is all about offering the customers a great saving with various items on the burger king menu available for just one dollar. Being able to purchase anything from a fast food restaurant for just one dollar has become a thing of the past, so it is impressive to see Burger King come up with such an economical meal. Popular items listed on the burger king menu that come for one dollar include their famous cheeseburger, the crispy chicken junior, the rodeo crispy chicken and the rodeo burger. Some items found on the burger king dollar menu will cost a bit more, but this is similar with all dollar/value menus in fast food.


All over the world the consumption of fast food if growing and fast food the one of the most profitable industry, but being in the industry since 50 years, burger king is still growing and innovating. Their gross profit margin is also substantially better, and more stable, than many companies in the same industry. Their net income is also very impressive comparatively when it comes to margin and stability.