For all those out there who have no idea what Kinox To is, it is an overly popular streaming site based in Germany. They provide movies, series and other types of media for free; no account, payment or requirement. Kinox To is easily accessible wherever you are in the world and they only have a minimum amount of advertisement when compared to other websites; you should appreciate the advertisements, otherwise the website use won’t be for free.

Kinox-to-Logo-445x323-e2736498e426ad58 We are here to provide you with a simple guide on how to navigate the website. Sounds easy enough, so what are we waiting for, let’s get this show on the road.


Upper Navigation Bar

The navigation bar I’m talking about is the one placed horizontally above all else. On the first bar you’ll see navigation for “News”; this basically shows all the new videos and additional updates. Next we have “Genre List”, its pretty self explanatory. You’ll see a list of various genres and you also get a chance to see each genre’s top one hundred list. But if you feel a little more adventurous, you can click the random button on the genre of your choice and go with the flow. Not only that, but they also display the number of media for each genre; you’ll know just how many movies you get to choose from!

Then we have “Tools”, when you open this bar you will be given suggestions as to what player is okay to use. But if you already have one then that’s just fine, otherwise you can choose from Adobe Flash Player, Microsoft Windows Media Player, DivX Web Player & Codec, AC3 codec, Perian (which is sadly only applicable to the MAC Users) and VLC Media Player. Next on the list is FAQ (frequesntly asked questions), then can be very handy. If you ever have queries or questions, you might not be the only one wondering about it, just check if they have already provided an answer for you.

“Playlists” is next on our list; these are basically playlists that are created by other people according to their interest. They combine movies based on what they like, so why are these playlists displayed? You might have similar tastes with a user and would like more suggestions from them; instead of looking for similar media you get a whole playlist! “Bookmark” navigation bar is used when you want to literally bookmark the page.

Your Guide to Kinox To

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