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In this day and age, it is already possible to expand wireless network. The wireless networking got into our houses years ago, when the wireless b standard was released and the wireless routers became cheaper, accessible to a wider audience. We’ve got now to the wireless n standard and the wireless networks we can create in our homes have wider coverage areas, better transfer rate and, most important of all, they’re more secure than ever before. You now have the possibility to expand the wireless network of your home by using the latest wireless router models.

The most important specification of a wireless router seems to be the supported wireless transfer rate but the size of the covered area can’t be neglected. The wireless range of a router varies from one router type to another and it’s better to use one that can cover your entire home or office with high quality wireless signal.

Why to expand wireless network

If 10 years ago we only had one computer in our home, now probably every member of our family has one or more computers. A 4-port broadband router isn’t now enough for connecting all the computers of our family to the network. More than that, a smartphone can access the internet too, our game consoles require a network connection as well, a home media player can download our favorite movies directly over the internet, we even use internet TV. All those devices need an internet connection in order to function properly and that’s why people need to extend the wireless network, to allow connecting all the devices to the internet and to each other.

Another reason to expand the wireless network you currently have is to have a better coverage in your house. For example you can need wireless signal in your garage as well, many cars have Wi-Fi onboard computers.

Ways to expand wireless network

There are many ways to expand the wireless network from your home or office in order to allow more users to connect. The easiest way would be to add a wireless range expander to your network or an additional wireless access point. Still, the result you’ll get with those solutions is not impressive because you’ll expand the wireless network only in one direction. The best solution to significantly increase its wireless range is to buy a new high-end wireless n router. The wireless coverage area of such a device is much wider than that of a wireless g router.

In some situation it’s possible to expand the wireless range of you network without buying a new router or adding additional access points to the network. If your router has detachable antennas you can replace those antennas with high power ones and this way your network’s coverage area will get much higher. This is probably the cheapest way to increase the wireless network you have in your home or office but don’t expect great improvements.

Popular models to expand wireless network

Linksys WRE54G

This is a wireless g range expander that can solve your wireless coverage area problems but its price is a bit high if we compare it to its performances.

Netgear WNDR3700

This is a RangeMax Dual Band Wireless N router and probably the best solution to expand the wireless network of your home. The fact that this is a dual band wireless router is an advantage because it uses 2 radio bands for the wireless connection and you can connect a big number of computers to the network without any problems.

Cisco Valet Plus

This is a new product from Cisco and it’s recommended as a viable solution for extending your wireless network. You’ll also get a better security level and higher transfer rates.

The disadvantages of expanding your wireless network

By expanding the wireless network you currently use in your home or office by adding access points or wireless range expanders you’ll make your network more complex. The complexity is not good when it comes to wireless networking because the number of possible problems increases proportional to the complexity of the network.

The most important disadvantage of expanding your wireless networks by adding more networking devices is the fact that the security level of your wireless network will decrease. That’s because you wouldn’t be able to use the most advanced security features of your router and you’ll need to use less efficient encryptions (WEP) in most cases. Otherwise, if you set your router to maximum security, you’ll experience very poor wireless performances.

Another issue is that you wouldn’t be able to troubleshoot your network the same way you can when you’re using a single wireless router. The troubleshooting will be time consuming and very difficult.

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