How to Test Your Wi-Fi Home Network Speed

The internet is something that we cannot live without since it has unlimited uses, from connecting you to the digital world; you can surf, research and connect with people all around the globe. Uninterrupted streaming is one of the greatest benefits of a fast running Wi-Fi especially when multiple users are connected to the same device ; However, network problems can considerably slow down work process, especially slow running signals. Using a sub-par ISP can greatly diminish the exhilarating experience of using fast speed internet.

Luckily you can not only check your network speed and determine if it is running to the optimum level but also employ certain tactics to enhance your home network speed.

How to Test Your Wi Fi Home Network Speed

1. External apps:

There are many ways to test your Wi-Fi home network speed; the first way is through an external app. There are many websites and apps that can determine your speed limit and resolve whether you are using the best wireless router. One such app is; this can work on iOS, Windows Phone, Android and measure the device’s cellular and Wi-Fi data connections. There are many other sources that you can use to test sites. Speakeasy and PC pit stop have selectable test destinations; this is an advantage because you can use both the tests from your home and compare the results to improve authenticity. While they will not be the same, you can always get a good average. You can also use these apps to compare with the internet speed your Internet service provider (ISP) vowed to provide you. There are many services on the market that trick customers into thinking they are getting more; hence it is always a good idea to be sure.

2. PC and networks:

You can also utilize your PC to check how swiftly your internet speed is working by connecting it to the internet. All you have to do is go to the start menu and search for Networks. Once there, view status to get information about your internet connection. For Mac users, hitting the activity monitor can help you get information about your peak performance.

There are many ways you can improve your home internet speed as well. Your internet broadband speed depends on a lot of things, and improving them can ultimately enhance the speed.

You can change the following:

1. Computer settings: Computer download speed may be reduced if you have incorrect computer settings. Microsoft Windows default settings are for example not optimized for fast internet connection. A free tool called TCP Optimizer might help in this department. It takes a few minutes to install and can maximize speed.

2. Browsers: While you often use the Internet using browsers such as Google Chrome and Firefox, it is vital to keep them updated, or they can considerably reduce internet speed. However, you can optimize your browser to maximize your internet speed. In some cases, for example, browsers pre-load pages that they think are going to be used by you and this reduces speed. Extensions and certain add-ons can also increase speed such as Firefox’s Image block.

3. Router position: The modem that you are using plays a very important role in performance. Place the Wi-Fi router on a high place with minimal obstructions for best performance. To check if you are losing speed you should check the speed by the use of a network cable. A better router gives phenomenal features such as selecting the best ports for gaming and other activities.

4. Soft wares in the background: There are programs running in the background that can cause your PC to get exceedingly slow and sluggish. Many of these need to be accessed when the internet is switched off. These programs consistently download data and slow your internet performance as a result. Some like Windows updates and security updates are mandatory and should be undertaken at all times, but others must be prevented to free up speed. To turn off other applications, go to task manager and click on the Taskbar, then click on applications to view the ones that are running. Close any applications that you feel are not necessary. You can also use the app called PC speed up to visualize which programs are running on your computer.

5. Physical connections: To be sure it is indeed your internet connection that is slow, you should check the number of devices that are plugged in. The more devices, the more downloading, streaming or gaming, hence you are more likely to notice slower speeds. You can cut down on connected devices and turn off the ones not in use to increase Wi-Fi speed. There are many devices that are constantly using the internet without us even being aware of them, some are quite unnecessary, hence can easily be turned off.

6. ISP Internet speed up: if you have tried all the routes mentioned above but are still facing issues, then you can talk to your internet service provider. You can even change your broadband package to a one that works better. Not all packages are available at a given destination and will fluctuate with distance from the exchange. However, to choose the best Wi-Fi providers, view pages mentioning internet providers and review the fastest internet broadband providers. If you are given a choice, you should select a server provider that is closest to your location, so that is not one of the factors that are keeping you from achieving a good signal range. Also, turning your modem on and off again can also help in increasing the speed by power cycling your router.

Improving your network Wi-Fi speed can have numerous benefits, while you can enjoy your favorite activities such as gaming and surfing the web, it also has advantages for office environments. A slow internet can really reduce work efficiency and performance in addition to resulting in diminished employee motivation; hence it is very vital to keep your internet speed running fast and stable. After correctly checking your modem speed, you should use the above-mentioned routes to fix or enhance your internet speed. Do not let slow internet make you live a desperate life due to slow internet connection, the above information on how to test your Wi Fi Home network speed will help you catch up with technology and stay connected.

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